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About Us

A New Life Abroad is dedicated to individuals and families wishing to emigrate or relocate from The Republic of Ireland. Your vision of a new life abroad could be nearer than you think. Why leave it until its too late?

A new life abroad is a desire shared by many, but achieved by surprisingly few. This is mainly because people simply do not know where to start, or because they try to proceed without understanding the difficulties involved in such a decision, and how to overcome them.

Skilled and focused casework, liaising with all relevant agencies to ensure speedy conclusion of the process of applying to your chosen country's application process.

Finding your job abroad if your plan to work in your new country, the right offer of employment could be essential to the success of your visa application.

It will almost certainly be vital to your own financial security and peace of mind in embarking upon a new life abroad.

Finding a new job completely from scratch is not easy, even in your own country.It is considerably more difficult in a country where your skills and qualifications may not be easily recognised.

.Without detailed knowledge of the current employment situation by country and region, you will not know where your specific skills and experience may be in demand.

Even if you are certain that suitable opportunities exist in your chosen destination, being able to identify and exploit those oppertunities is a different matter entirely.

Applying directly for job vacancies that are thousands of miles away - assuming that you have been able to pinpoint them in the first place - will not only cost time and money, but usually prove ineffective.


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Our Services

Obtaining a visa that entitles you to live and work in a different country is far from being a straight forward process.

The accepted format for cv's differs from country to country, this is why the essential next step is to request an appraisal from us.

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What is my next step ?

The complexities of immigration legislation mean that we cannot begin to advise you without a full understanding of your unique personel circumstances.


Different countries vary enormously, not only in the categories of migration that they will allow,but also in the criteria that must be met for each of these categories.

There may be certain facts about you that could significantly affect the success of your application.

Facts you may not even think to mention to us in conversation because, to you, they seem unimportant or irrelevant.

This is why the next step is to request an appraisal from us.

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Why leave it until its too late?

We provide a dedicated service and we are experts at immigration laws. This is reflected in what our clients say about us.

John and Sarah Boulter

"Thank you very much for successfully obtaining our residency visas", we have our flights booked, temporary rental house organised and excitedly looking forward to a new life in the New Year.

We started the process some 18 months before we joined you. We were struggling to get my trade recognised and rapidly running out of time due to my age. "With the expert and dedicated help of your legal department" any problems did not seem to be an issue and easily dealt with. "We would not have got the visas without your help" and would recommend you to anyone applying to move overseas.

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